Missing The Presence

“…And he awoke out of his sleep, and said, ‘I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself.’ And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him…” (Judg. 16:20).

How many of us know that we have been called by God to do certain things for the Kingdom, and yet we go our own way? We do what we want to do. Then, as time goes on, we find ourselves in situations wherein we have to depend on God. We need God and He comes through for us because He is faithful.

In what ways can we allow ourselves to become distracted away from focusing on the presence of God?

But at some point, what happens when we find ourselves in a situation wherein we are so entangled in what we have been doing? So entangled that we do not even realize that the power and anointing that we once operated in is not flowing in us anymore? We have become so conditioned to doing things in a certain fashion that we do not even realize that God’s presence is no longer even there.

We no longer have the capacity to flow the way that we used to flow. The sad part is that it has become so familiar to us because we have practiced it so much that we can do it with our eyes closed. However, the effects are not the same. All the while having the form of godliness, but yet denying its power (2 Tim. 3:5). We are so spiritually distracted and disconnected that we do not even realize that the Spirit of God is not flowing in us. We do not realize how distant we have become.

In what ways can we remain aware of the presence of God in new and exciting ways that will enhance our daily walk with Him?

If we had but remained faithful in our daily communion with God, we would be aware of His presence. Conversely, we would also be aware of the moment when He has left. Better yet, we would be aware of when we left. I say this because I have come to realize that the presence of God does not leave us, we lose our awareness of the presence of God. We do not even realize that it has happened until it is too late.

We wake up and we are so used to just flowing in certain things that we become so familiar with the presence of God that we no longer respect it or hold it in reverence. This mindset prevents us from treasuring or valuing it any longer. We have become accustomed to it so much so that we just assume that it is there. This assumption causes us to assume that the power of God is there without realizing we have entered into a new situation without it.

We fail to realize that with each new day, we need a new outpouring and filling of the Holy Spirit in order to be effective and efficient for the Kingdom’s purpose. Yet, even with all of this, God still remains faithful to his eternal purposes, and to us, He remains quite gracious and merciful. This is to the point that if we were to call out to Him, He is yet willing to forgive and restore us. Not only to the place that we have fallen from, but He is also willing to give us the opportunity to continue moving forward while growing in Him. He continues to love us just the same.

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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