Missed Opportunities

I think we miss out on opportunities to be a blessing to others because it is not in the way we would choose to do so. The question I think we should be more concerned with is, “How can I be more of a blessing? I do not believe that we truly understand how the laws of reciprocity work. If we did, we would be hunting down opportunities to give.

How can we redeem the time concerning missed opportunities?

When we give, we have to open our hands to release whatever has occupied it. Therefore, in so doing, we create opportunities for something to replace what was given. We are, in essence, creating room for not only something to replace it. But we are making room for more by faith.

In addition to all of this, God honors us for our gift. Not in secret, but He rewards us openly. What is the purpose of the reward? To be in a position to provide for our needs and to be able to continue giving.

We must do our very best to be sensitive to every opportunity that arises around us to demonstrate the heart of Christ.

This is the heart of God. The heart of the Kingdom is based upon the premise of God’s divine initiative of giving His Son for us. In order to give based on Kingdom principles, the underlying motive must be love. Love actively searches for opportunities to be given away. So if we are really children of the King, then, we must begin to act like Him.

As I end this contemplation, I ask, “What opportunities have you missed to be a blessing?” I also ask this question, “What opportunities are you planning to seize in the near future?” Challenge yourself. Love someone on purpose. Love will bring greater rewards than you can ever begin to fathom.


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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