Words Of Encouragement (Weekend Edition)

Disappointments in life happen daily. Sometimes, we are able to make a strong comeback from the fallout. Other times, we have difficulties making a successful recovery. A lot of this has to do with self-condemnation. But yet it also has something to do with others reminding us of our past mistakes.

Our past mistakes do not define who we currently are.

Regardless of the judgments made against your past, God does not hold these mistakes against us once we ask for forgiveness. So why do we allow others to hold us in condemnation? Once the act is committed, we must focus on our holistic restoration.

The beautiful thing is that God is not consumed with what we have done more than what we are doing. There cannot be any sustainable forward progress if we continue to focus on our past mistakes. How do we approach this from a healthy perspective? The Apostle Paul puts it this way,

“…but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus…” (Phil. 3:13-14).

Despite what our critics may say, dwelling on our mistakes do not allow us to be God’s version of ourselves. Moving forward does not mean that we are attempting to act as though we have not made the mistake. Our job is not to convince others of our restoration. God knows the true current condition of our hearts. So we cannot allow ourselves to remain in bondage when God has set us free through Christ.

God’s perspective of us is what is most important. He does not want us to walk around in condemnation. God wants us to walk in total liberty from our past mistakes. We must also want the same for ourselves.

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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2 thoughts on “Words Of Encouragement (Weekend Edition)

  1. This is a great, thoughtful post which should result in every Christian taking inventory of what’s most important in our life. God or man’s opinion?. We all make mistakes, it’s what we do afterward which counts in God’s Eyes. God’s mercy restores after repentance and gives us back our Joy.. Blessings back,

    1. Yes, indeed. I was having a conversation with my pastor about this same thing last night.

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