Spoiled Brats

Spoiled brats. One of the worst things in the world is when someone takes something you have said or done out of context. When this happens, we become confronted with all types of attitudes. Ultimately, it causes all types of problems because then we have to go back and try to remedy things. Or do we?

When we encounter adults like this, how should we respond?

We deal with all types of personalities throughout each day and some are more difficult to handle than others. Particularly, spoiled brats. As believers, we sometimes become confronted with this reality. At the moment our humanity kicks in, this person reminds us that we are “supposed to be a Christian”. As a result of my experiences, I often wonder why they attempt to take us there if they know this about us?

One thing comes to mind. Ol’ Mother Dalzell Holmes from West Palm Beach used to tell us, “Baby, consider the source.” That comment alone would automatically cause a shift in our attitudes. We understood what she meant by the saying. It meant to look beyond the surface of what we were able to see.

There is absolutely nothing cute about this type of behavior.

In reference to people similar to those above, we cannot allow ourselves to get bent out of shape because someone has misunderstood something. If after we make attempts to remedy the situation and they remain upset over it, then it becomes their problem alone. You, me, and no one else is responsible for what occurs beyond this point. We have made the attempt at reconciliation and were denied the opportunity to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, this happens in life. We cannot allow life to stand still because of someone else’s words or actions. There are too many Kingdom assignments to complete to be inactive because someone has decided, for lack of a better phrase, to throw a temper tantrum. God does not promote spoiled brats and I do not believe we should either.

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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