Some Of My Experiences From My Sabbatical

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little over two months since I last shared anything. During this period, I have gone through some much-needed experiences. I believe these experiences have made me a better person as I have a better understanding of myself and my purpose. I am greatly appreciative of these brief moments of reflection because I gain a better perspective on the next year of my life.

During these periods, I ask God many of the questions that may have arisen over the course of the previous year. Sometimes I walk with clear answers. Other times, I have to continue to seek God for answers, which He reveals in His timing.

I also get the opportunity to refocus on the important things before me. Sometimes, we become distracted by the events of life around us. It happens to us all. If we do not take moments to still away, we will likely become overwhelmed because we will stumble across a roadblock eventually. These roadblocks are useful as moments of introspection, but oftentimes, we ignore the warnings and continue to forge ahead.

I have come to embrace these roadblocks as God’s way of getting my attention and to protect me as well. For these things, I am appreciative. This upcoming year will be very eventful for me. Some things I will share as they occur. Other things will remain with me and those with whom I feel led to share them. I am still learning how to hear God with clarity and precision.

But, other than this, I just wanted to say, “Hello!,” and jump back into the swing of things. It was a wonderful time of reflection and refreshing. Hopefully, whatever experiences I have had during this time yields will prove to have not been in vain.

Have a blessed day and I love each of you!


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