Opinion Matters: 10-12-18

Sometimes, I am at a loss for words when it comes to understanding the way in which God works in our lives. We mess up. He forgives us. We walk away from Him. He loves us. And so the cycle continues. I would imagine that this is the result of our being finite and His being Infinite. We have finite wisdom. He has Infinite Wisdom. We have finite power. He has Infinite Power. And so the story goes. We look at ourselves and we see great disappointment. We beat ourselves up. He heals us. We push Him away. He draws us closer. And the mystery of love evolves.

What Does This Mean For My Life?

What does this mean for our lives? This means that we will never see ourselves the way God sees us. Nor will we ever love ourselves the way He loves us. We cannot even begin to think of ourselves in the same way He thinks of us. Why? As long as we continue to push Him away while He is drawing us, we will continue to live a life filled with despair and defeat.
How can we see ourselves the way God sees us? Can we think of ourselves the same way He thinks of us? Will we ever love ourselves the way He loves us?

We can never do anything these things apart from Him. Why? Because it is through Him alone that we can do all things. He gives us the strength to do them. He gives us more grace each time we need it. Each day, He gives us new mercies without our having to ask for it.

God gives us the ability to see ourselves through His eyes. He gives us the ability to think about ourselves the way He does. Also, He gives us the ability to love ourselves the way He does. If this is true, then how do we get from our current state of being to the point of believing what God says about us?

What Can I Do About Trusting God In My Life?

We can always return home to our Heavenly Father. He never gives up on us. In fact, He continues to love on us just as much as He did prior to our ‘spiritual temper tantrum”. He continues to listen intently as we begin to pour our hearts out to Him. We can be open and honest with Him about anything. We have to remember that God already knows what is in our hearts anyway. So we must stop running away from Him and run towards Him. The more we all embrace this truth, the more we will begin to see changes take place within our lives.


God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His approach to life is not our approach to life. Why should it matter? Because His way works every time. God never fails. He never loses. He always accomplishes what He sets out to do, despite any opposition to His plan. As God’s children, we have the privilege of being able to access this same life of victory. We have the privilege to see, think about and love ourselves in the same manner God does. We only need to stop running away and start running towards Him. He will never turn us away if we return home broken.
Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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