Opinion Matters: 10-19-18

What do we do on those days when we cannot sleep because God is speaking to us? We stay awake. Why? Because we do not want to miss what God wants to say to us. Of course, we could always try to go to sleep. But what good would this do? We would more than likely remain awake anyway, right? This is not a complaint from me at all. I was tired when I laid down last night. But during my time with God, I was wide awake. And now? I am still wide awake.

Why Is Important To Be Attentive?

We all know that we need restful sleep each day to be functional on the following day. In other words, sleep is good for our overall well-being. Are we all in agreement? However, when our Creator has a desire to spend time with us, we should be attentive. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. We may miss out on some very important instruction for which we have waited.
  2. We are super busy throughout each day and this is the only time God can communicate with us effectively.
  3. We draw our strength from being in God’s presence.
  4. We can share our concerns with God and listen for His counsel on how to resolve the concerns.
  5. We can spend uninterrupted time with God.
  6. …and the list can go on.
Are we willing to lose sleep to spend time with our Heavenly Father?

What Does This Mean For Us?

This means that we have to cultivate our relationship with God just like we do with others. Even if we have to lose a couple of hours of sleep. God knows how important sleep is for us. He created us. God will give us the essential amount of His all-sufficient grace needed to function appropriately the next day.


The loss of sleep will be well worth it after having an encounter with the Creator of the universe. God provides for our every need just as He does for the sparrow. And He counts us more valuable than sparrows. So, we can rest assured that He will continue to keep His watchful eye over us as go through the following day. He will not allow us to suffer harm resulting from a lack of sleep after communing with Him. His angels still have the same charge to keep us in all our ways. That alone is reason enough to smile about it all!

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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