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Music is a means of communicating thoughts and feelings from one person to another. It is an expression that penetrates to the very core of everyone’s heart and soul. As such, KLM understands the importance of music to the Christian faith. It ushers us into the presence of God. It brings healing to the hurting heart. It speaks peace to the weary soul. It mends the wounded spirit.

In consideration of this, KLM presents various forms of Christian music stemming from Christian to Gospel and Worship to Instrumental genres. We hope and pray that it will minister to your spirit as you go throughout the day. We hope and pray that it will bring you one s tep closer to intimacy in your relationship with the Father.

Sit back and enjoy the wonderful sounds of the sacred sounds from the KLM Music Gallery as we continue to honor our Great God for all He is and all of the great things He has done!


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