KLM Updates

Enjoying The Sabbath

Participating in a sabbath day of rest should be a part of our lives. It is intended to be a two-fold part of our lifestyle as it is an act of worship: 1) to honor God through obedience, and 2) to become refreshed and renewed within in order to [...]

February 13, 2015

No Earthly Good

There is some truth to the old saying about “being so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.” Sometimes we become so consumed with wanting to see the supernatural that we miss out on seeing and experiencing the goodness of God in [...]

February 12, 2015

I Want To Know You, Lord

Going through the wilderness provides us with the huge opportunity to receive a revelation of Who God is and for us to get to know Him in a more intimate way as He reveals Himself to us through His daily interactions with us. Instead of our [...]

February 11, 2015

Still Complaining?

In the presence of complaining is the absence of faith (Ex. 14:10-12; 16:2,3). God will never bring us into the wilderness if He had no intention of bringing us through the wilderness and, then, bringing us out of the wilderness. Therefore, before [...]

February 10, 2015

Give Thanks

While we are in the midst of the wilderness, we tend to focus upon the wrong things. We focus upon how wrong things are going. We focus upon how we were wronged by others. We focus upon how it seems God has forsaken and forgotten about us. [...]

February 9, 2015

Pursuing God

One of the pursuits in life we should be more than passionate about is our pursuit of God. Our passion for both God and the things of God should consume us “…for the zeal of Thine (God’s) house hath eaten me up…” (Ps. [...]

February 8, 2015

The Sin of Complaining

Complaining can lead to accusations. Accusations can lead to suspicion. Suspicion can lead to questioning. Questioning can lead to rebellion. Complaining, in essence, is a byproduct of unbelief and the Bible teaches us that ‘anything that is [...]

February 7, 2015