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Opinion Matters: 10-5-18

One thing I have learned from life is that it is easy (as Christians) to point out other’s shortcomings. This includes me as well. I am just as guilty of shaking my head, wagging my finger and frowning upon someone else’s moral failures [...]

October 5, 2018

Can There Be Sin In The Kingdom?

“And David sent to Joab, saying, Send me Uriah the Hittite. And Joab sent Uriah to David…” (2 Sam. 11:6). How often do we fall into sin and make every attempt to cover our tracks so it will go unnoticed by others? The truth is that [...]

October 4, 2018

Living The Kingdom Life

“And the woman conceived, and sent and told David, and said, I am with child…” (2 Sam. 11:5). Living life in the Kingdom is sometimes not as easy as it may seem. There are many things to distract us on every side. It takes the [...]

October 3, 2018

Psalm 145:15-16

“The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing…” (Psalm 145:15-16). Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh” Now [...]

October 2, 2018

A Position In The Kingdom

“And David sent and enquired after the woman. And one said, Is not this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?” (2 Sam. 11:3). Position. Like many other words, this word takes on several meanings. One definition [...]

October 1, 2018

Being Called In The Kingdom

“And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried [...]

September 29, 2018

Are You A Willing Heart?

“The children of Israel brought a willing offering unto the Lord, every man and woman, whose heart made them willing to bring for all manner of work, which the Lord had commanded to be made by the hand of Moses…” (Ex. 35:29). The [...]

September 28, 2018