Opinion Matters: 10-12-18

Sometimes, I am at a loss for words when it comes to understanding the way in which God works in our lives. We mess up. He forgives… Read more “Opinion Matters: 10-12-18”


Day Twenty-Two Of Consecration: Brokenness 

The-Purpose-Of-Brokenness-580x200I find that there is something about holiness that is so interesting: 1) Within my lifetime, every time I have gone through a major transition, I have broken something internally (i.e., broken finger, now a fractured bone in my arm), 2) This brokenness has always taken place when God was healing and restoring me from a difficult period within my life, and 3) God was always preparing me for greater things ahead. While enduring the physical pain of those moments, I was also enduring spiritual and emotional pain as well.

Becoming the person whose lifestyle is exemplified by holy living is never without, first, being broken and then becoming fashioned after the initial, eternal plan within God’s mind. Becoming the person whose lifestyle is exemplified by holy living is never without having to be healed from something and restored to something. It is a process that must take place in order to show us that there is nothing good within us apart from God has placed within us, regardless of how our ideas are about ourselves. We are being made new. We are being made whole.

brokenIf we reflect but for a moment upon the criteria for an acceptable sacrifice to God, the animal could not be marred nor have any blemish upon its body. The animal had to be whole in order to used in the service of God. Likewise, in our moments of brokenness, we have nothing to offer because our lives marred and blemished with the scars of our past. But we become acceptable when we lie down before the altar of God and allow Him to put the broken pieces of our lives together again. The end result being that we become an acceptable vessel that is able to be used in the service of the Lord’s sacred things.

Do not despise your brokenness…do not despise the process…God is doing something wonderful within us as we continue on the second half of consecrating ourselves unto His service…#thinkonthesethings