Psalm 91: Our Blessed Assurance

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It Is Okay…


Every now and then, we find ourselves faced with difficult situations and, if the truth be told, we do not have any idea of how we are going to make it through the situation. I was praying to God this morning, and I said, “Father, I need a word from You today.” I found myself repeating this over and over again…

When I opened my iPad cover, a folded sheet of paper fell out of the cover. I read the contents on the paper and immediately smiled because God heard me and He answered my prayer immediately. The words on the paper read as follows:

“There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, No, not one, No, not one…Jesus knows all about our struggles, He will guide till the day is done…There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, No, not one, No, not one…”


This was one of the songs that was sung during worship service on yesterday. It was a testament to the fact that even when we feel alone, we are never alone. When we feel as though the enemy has the upper hand, we are still victorious because God has caused us to triumph through His Son, Jesus the Christ. It tells us that, in the end, everything will work out just fine.

As long as we have Jesus in our corner, interceding on our behalf, we can rest assured that everything is okay…