KLM Updates


Dealing With Transition In The Kingdom

For those of you who do not know, I am in the middle of a huge transition. I have been speaking about transition off and on for several months. However, this, I must admit, is the longest transitional period I have ever experienced in my life. There [...]

October 22, 2018

Repeating Offenses

“And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord…” (Judg. 10:6). Based on our Scriptural text, we observe repetitive behavior by the children of Israel throughout the entire book of Judges. They turn away from [...]

May 14, 2018

Destructive Cycles

“And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord…” (Judg. 2:11). Destructive cycles teaches us two lessons: 1) We are not living our lives the way we were intended to live, and 2) There is hope for positive change [...]

March 19, 2018

More To Come!

When we fail to acknowledge God’s authority over every thing in creation, we miss an opportunity to experience the fullness of His grace. The acknowledgement of God’s rightful place within world affairs leads to a revolutionary movement [...]

January 18, 2018

Let’s Pause For One Moment

Let’s pause for one moment. One constant that has remained since giving my life to Christ is that I am deeply flawed. I do not say this to seek for anyone’s sympathy. I say this because regardless of how many times I may fall short, [...]

July 18, 2017

Grace Is Sufficient For All

“And the young men that were spies went in, and brought out Rahab, and her father, and her mother, and her brethren, and all that she had; and they brought out all her kindred, and left them without the camp of Israel…” (Josh. [...]

July 10, 2017

Do We Really Understand Love?

“But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?…” (1 Jn. 3:17). One thing I have noticed is that it is extremely easy [...]

June 8, 2017