Perception In The Kingdom

“And when the mourning was past, David sent and fetched her to his house, and she became his wife, and bare him a son. But the thing… Read more “Perception In The Kingdom”


Beneath The Surface


Do not trust the thing in which your eyes make you believe they see. The thing for which we most look after will never be found on the surface of the situation, but we will have to delve deep beneath the surface in order to find the underlying cause of something and it’s solution. This is the same approach we must take when we engage the Scriptures…the truth is in there…the answers are in there…we only need to launch out and cast our nets into the deep…

Pray…Not Prey

group-prayerIn our contemporary society, we are prone to pointing the finger at the leadership within the Body of Christ whenever they fall short of what we perceive to be the standard for the them. We establish such high standards for them, and many times, we become disappointed when they are unable to live up to our expectations. When they fall, we quickly become predators and publish their shortcomings throughout the media and/or spread the details by word of mouth. In doing so, we often damage their reputations, and in many cases, we ruin any chances of restoration.

Although the individual must be held accountable for their actions, we, too, must be held accountable for not making our contribution to ensuring that the leadership is protected and covered at all times. It is our responsibility to do two things: 1) pray for our leadership continuously, and 2) assist them with the work of the ministry. We must remember that we have all been given some form of spiritual gift(s) with which we are able to assist with the overall operation of the local congregation (1 Cor. 12; Rom. 12:4-8). Ministry is a joint operation to be performed conjunctively by the leadership and the laity.

Instead of preying on the leadership when they fall short of our ‘superhuman‘ expectations, pray for the leadership. Pray to God and ask how you can be of assistance to the leadership in carrying out the work of ministry and advancing the Kingdom agenda. Do not provide the enemy with any additional ammunition with which he may attack the leadership within the Body of Christ. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem!…#thinkonthesethings