Life: The Perfect Time For A Sabbatical

I spend a lot of time trying to encourage and inspire others to live a better life, but I have my moments when I need the same… Read more “Life: The Perfect Time For A Sabbatical”


Why We Are Rebranding JGM…


To all of the wonderful people who have supported JGM during these past 14 months, I would like to express a heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have done. It is never easy to branch out and begin a new startup venture and expect to yield the type of results we have received here at JGM since its inception. We owe our every success to God for His presence being here through it all.

Some of you may remember that a couple of days ago, I sent out a message stating that we were dealing with some business concerns that could potentially impact our ministry negatively. Well…the outcome was not the one for which we were hoping, but we still have to tell the Lord ‘thank You’ anyway. He’s truly been faithful…and I decided, after reflecting on the problem for the past couple of days, to provide all of you with a little insight on what has been going on.

For those who do not know, JGM had, until a few days ago, 170,000+ supporters, many of whom had come through our extensive paid advertising on FaceBook. If you were to look at those numbers today, you would see that they are significantly lower. The reason for this is that JGM has decided to end its relationship with FaceBook and has shut down its FaceBook pages as a result of unexplainable activity on FaceBook’s part that has had an extremely negative impact on JGM’s site visits.

One day we were receiving 2000+ hits per day, and the next day all of our ads were being shut down without any forewarning or subsequent explanation as to why this course of action was taking place. Upon inquiry about the situation, JGM received no response. So the obvious question became, “Should we remain on a website that treats people and/or organizations, who patronize and use their business in a partnership wherein both parties are benefitting, in a disrespectful manner?” The obvious answer to the obvious question was, “No.”

This decision was based upon the fact that FaceBook’s decision literally placed JGM in a position wherein it was no longer able to provide the daily inspiration to 170,000+ souls, not to mention the millions of people who at least glanced at the ministerial pieces that were being published on there. The question that JGM was now faced with was, “How do we rebound from such a drastic hit like this?”

This is where we are now…in the process of having to decide on how to redirect traffic to the site again. Our ministerial operations have been hit hard and now we are in search of a contingency plan. We have placed this on the altar before God and are trusting Him to lead us to fresh waters, fresh pastures, and to a fresh audience because someone needs to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, JGM is soliciting your prayers as we continue to pray for access to the nations for God’s glory. We love you all…God Bless…


A Challenge


Good morning my Brothers and Sisters! I would like to issue a challenge to everyone today…
Let’s make a conscious decision to follow hard after God and seek Him with everything within our being for the remaining 95 days of this year…
Our focus is to see His Kingdom come and His will being done within our lives and in the lives of those with whom we come into contact from this point forward…
I love you all and God Bless you is my prayer!

Day Forty Of Consecration: A New Beginning

new-beginningsIf we would think about it and be seriously honest with ourselves…we never really have an ending to our period of consecration. Although we may set aside a certain amount of time to give ourselves wholly and completely to God, our consecration to God is a lifelong venture that finds us in positions of surrender on a daily basis. As we end our “Forty Days Of Consecration” today, we here at The Joshua Generation Ministries would like to encourage all of those who have supported us during this period (whether by participating with us, or simply just praying for us) to continue to seek God and follow hard after Him. Continue to set yourself apart for His service. Continue to ask for a new revelation of Who He is and wants to be in your lives.

Let’s finish this year and this race strong…this our opportunity for a new beginning!!!