Dealing With Transition In The Kingdom

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“And they answered Joshua, saying, All that thou commandest us we will do, and whithersoever thou sendest us, we will go…” (Josh. 1:16).

After being in control of our own lives from the beginning, it is a difficult feat to surrender the reins of control to someone else. It is difficult to submit to someone else’s rule. So when we are faced with leadership transition, it still remains a difficult task.We are used to the “old way” of doing business, and oftentimes, if we are not familiar with the new leader, we will buck against anything this person says or wants to do. This is not the proper response.

The children of Israel were faced with a similar situation upon facing life without their leader, Moses. Moses was the one who, under the Power of God, had led them out of bondage to Egypt and to the brink of entering the Promised Land. Now, Moses was preparing for his death and the appointment of Joshua as Israel’s new leader. Joshua had been with Moses throughout the Exodus, the wilderness experience, and the giving of the Torah. So he was familiar with the on-again, off-again relationship between the people and God.

God instructed Moses to lay his hands on Joshua in the presence of the people. The people knew of Joshua’s relationship with Moses and respected him as Moses’ minister. Therefore, the purpose of this ceremony was to demonstrate the beginning of the transition in leader from Moses to Joshua upon Moses’ death. This was an example of how leadership transition should occur wherein the possibility of rejection is minimal.

So as we observe the death of Moses and the change in leadership, we see the children of Israel in communication with their new leader concerning the continuation of their covenant relationship with God. The people have two choices: 1) they can reject their new leader, or 2) they can follow him in the same manner as they followed Moses. They chose to follow Joshua and continue to adhere to the leadership of Joshua as long as God continues to be with him as He was with Moses (Josh. 1:17).

What can we take away from this example? When we are faced with a change in leadership, we must be observant of the new leader’s character, principles and values. If we are following after Christ, by paying attention to these things, we can determine if we will subscribe to following this person’s lead. If we can determine that the new leader is following God wholeheartedly, then he or she is someone worth submitting to in the name of Christ.

The State Of The Christian World


The future of the church is uncertain in many sectors of society. There has been a major campaign launched against the Body of Christ throughout the world by others who are offended by the truths of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. This is nothing new, of course. However, with each succeeding generation, each attack becomes more satanic and diabolical in nature. What does this mean for our future generations within the Body of Christ?


As we witness the passing on of the older generation, are we preparing the new and younger generation to move into position in order to succeed us when our generation transitions from this life into the one to come? Are we preparing them for the imminent dangers and impending assaults from the enemy? Are we preparing them for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ? If not, we have a lot of work to do…


We need to become more discerning about the current state of the Christian realm and begin to intentionally intensify our efforts to prepare the upcoming generation for the days to come. We cannot have another generation to arise after us, which know not the Lord and do what is right in their own eyes…(Judg. 2:10; 17:6)…#thinkonthesethings

It’s Our Birthiversary!!!

I was reading someone’s blog today about it being their anniversary today and suddenly remembered that it was our “birthiversary” a couple of days ago on June 19th. Between preparing for this next chapter and transition of my life and becoming a little ill, I completely forgot about it. But we have been posting daily thoughts everyday for the past year and have learned so much during the process. We have gained so many new friends (hopefully lifelong)…We have endured many setbacks and, with the help of the Lord, we were able to overcome them all.

So this is our time to say, ‘Thank you!,” to everyone who has in one way or another helped to shape us into what we have become today. We have to push our way through to grow and become a more positive influence within the global community…with your help and that of the Lord…we are more than able!

God Bless!