Our Boundaries Within The Kingdom Of God

“And after this it came to pass, that David smote the Philistines, and subdued them: and David took Methegammah out of the hand of the Philistines…” (2… Read more “Our Boundaries Within The Kingdom Of God”


Falling In Love?

Here’s a question for everyone…Are we called to “fall in love” with someone?… Or are we called to “grow in love” with one another?

Have you noticed the many broken people in the world around us? Could it be because they have “fallen in love” when we were never called to do so? The laws of the universe testify to the fact that if something falls enough times, it will become quite fragile and brittle over time. Eventually, it will become difficult to “fix” it. In relation to humanity, that which is broken will become more difficult to heal. Why? Because we keep falling.

When someone falls, they go down as a result of losing control. Losing control means that we become vulnerable to anything happening to us over which we are unable to exercise any type of power to prevent the event from happening. This is why we have some people fall into depression after “falling in love”. Some people attempt suicide. Some people become angry, bitter and resentful. Why? Because they have experienced some form of hurt from falling.

 However, if we “grow in love”, we take time to go through a process. We live day by day. More than this, we are taking our time to nurture and mature. We understand that we do not automatically “be” one, but we are “becoming” one. In addition, we do not lose our identity, but we find out more about our identity. We do not diminish any nor suffer any loss, but we gain value. Why? Because as we “grow in love” together, there is something phenomenal going on beneath the surface…our root system is becoming intertwined together that becomes one single root system instead of two. The root system becomes so strong when we “grow in love” together that the winds of life cannot uproot it…regardless of how strong and powerful the wind becomes.

In other words, “falling in love” is not Biblical, but “growing in love” is scriptural. Let us find our way back to sound teaching by following in the footsteps of Jesus and overthrow the works of the devil. Save your marriage. Protect your family. Save your ministry. Stop “falling” and start “growing.”


Sometimes we can have a great idea which can be executed flawlessly, but we yield results of failure. Why? More often than not, we are the ones who have conjured up and carried out the plans without first consulting God. We cannot see the serial pattern of our failures because we cannot remove ourselves out of our own way long enough to see things from God’s perspective.